Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Bilal Basrai - Advice For Conducting Better Due Diligence

As an experienced investment banker and corporate financial analyst, BilalBasrai must be capable of conducting due diligence for any transaction he is involved in. Failure to do so can lead to the inability to take risks into account, resulting in a number of issues for his clients. If this is an area where you struggle, keep the following pointers in mind to ensure you conduct better due diligence.

Be Transparent

The conducting of due diligence has gained an unfair reputation in some quarters as being a sneaky practice. This is not the case, as it is vital that you understand everything about a company before a transaction. To avoid such accusations, try to be as transparent as possible with the company you are conducting due diligence on and consider hiring legal aid to help with the process.

Observation Is Not The Be All And End All

While first-hand observation of a company will certainly prove helpful in your due diligence, you must also understand that your efforts should extend beyond this. Remember that people are more likely to perform to higher standards if they know they are being observed, so back your observations up with the key data relating to the company.

Make Your Own Decisions

Your business contacts may be able to offer some advice in relation to the character of a person you are conducting due diligence on. However, you should not take this advice as gospel. Doing so may mean that you essentially allow others to make your decisions for you.

BilalBasrai offers clients a boutique of services from his base in Chicago.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Bilal Basrai - Tips For New Investors In Private Equity

As an experienced investment banker and corporate financial analyst, Bilal Basrai has developed a great understanding of the complexities surrounding private equity. Many investors, particularly individual ones, tend to avoid private equity as it is often seen as the domain of those with a lot of money.

However, for those who are interested in exploring this aspect of investing the following are things you need to more

Bilal Basrai - Business Development Techniques For Growing Sales

As a business owner and professional who provides advice to other companies, Bilal Basrai has placed a lot of his focus on business development during his career. 

Businesses that wish to succeed must have comprehensive plans in place for developing their companies. 

For many, this comes down to growing sales so that the company increases its revenue and provides itself with the capital needed for expansion..... read more

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Bilal Basrai – Tips For Improving Your Tennis Serve

When he is not busy with his work as a financial professional, Bilal Basrai likes to stay active and maintain his physical fitness by playing tennis.
“I was a star high school tennis player that went to the State Championship during my junior and senior years in high school,” he says. “I taught tennis during high school and my college summers.” The serve is one of the fundamental aspects of the game that Basrai would have taught during this time and it is something that many novices struggle with.
These tips will help you improve....... Read more

Monday, 28 November 2016

Bilal Basrai – What Role Does Equity Research Play

As a financial professional, Bilal Basrai has developed a deep understanding of equity research and the role that it plays in finding the valuation of listed companies. 

Equity research is vital for investors who wish to make the most out of their money and is crucial for those who are interested in buying or selling shares. 

The following are all things that equity research provides to those who are looking to invest....... read more 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bilal Basrai – Personality Traits All Business Strategists Must Have

Bilal Basrai is a talented professional who has put his many skills to good use in aiding businesses operating in the corporate environment. 

For such businesses to succeed, they must have comprehensive strategies in place that define their goals, challenges and the paths they must follow to obtain success. 

Business strategists are tasked with creating these plans and those who excel tend to share these personality traits....... read more

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Bilal Basrai: The Benefits of Playing Tennis Regularly

Bilal Basrai is a corporate advisor working in the financial industry, He graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance, and he was able to attend on a partial tennis scholarship. He enjoys playing tennis to this day for the exercise and health benefits it provides to people who play the sport regularly.

People who play tennis regularly increase their aerobic capacities immensely. Tennis is a sport that forces you to trust your instincts and reflexes as the ball could be directed anywhere by the opponent. As you play over time, you will develop your aerobic capacities and reflexes, which will help you think more quickly on your feet, and perform more adequately in stressful situations. It won’t take long before you notice a difference in your reaction times.

Playing tennis will also help lower your body fat percentage. Tennis is a fast-paced game, especially when you start playing against opponents that challenge your skills. This means that your body will be working hard enough to burn excess body fat, and build muscle in its place. Although muscle weighs more than fat, you’ll notice a difference in your waistline, as well as a difference in your muscle definition.

Tennis players also have lower heart rates and better cardiovascular endurance than other athletes. Although it isn’t running or swimming, tennis forces you to move constantly, and at sprinting speeds. When you play tennis for an hour, the average player will burn around six hundred calories, which makes it effective for improving endurance. After playing tennis a few times a week, your resting heart rate will drop, and you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

Bilal Basrai enjoys playing tennis when he has the time away from work because of the benefits it provides his overall health.