Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Bilal Basrai : Useful Tips for Conducting Mergers and Acquisitions

Bilal Basrai is a dedicated individual who has worked hard for the sake of his career, and for the sake of businesses operating within the corporate world. He has been working in finance ever since he graduated from college at the University of Illinois, with a degree in Finance and Economics. He has been responsible for the identification, cultivation, and development of corporate finance clients while assisting those clients on the various stages of each specific transaction.
He is currently the Founder and President of a major financial firm, where he provides select services to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes corporations, financial institutions, investment managers, governments, and high net worth individuals.
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Bilal Basrai is well versed in the process of mergers and acquisitions, and he has helped many clients throughout his career be successful in the pursuit of their goals. He ensures that the terms are correct, and that everything involved in the deal has be discussed and understood thoroughly. Many times, mergers and acquisitions can be straightforward for all parties involved, but sometimes things can be more complicated than usual....... read more
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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Bilal Basrai - Tips to Improve or Prepare for Business Growth

Bilal Basrai is a financial and corporate professional who assists clients with major decisions regarding the future. He is currently serving as the President and Founder of a company operating in Chicago, Illinois, and he has been working in the financial sector since he graduated from college in 1996. 

He works hard for the sake of his clients, which can include governments, high net worth individuals, financial institutions, and other corporations. During his time as an equity research analyst, he was ranked seventh best stock picker in the healthcare services and provider’s industry. He can help clients make the major decisions that enable growth.

Bilal Basrai understands that in order to be successful in your industry as a business owner, you have to be able to grow and expand. However, this means more than just finding your next location; it can impact a number of things, which includes the services you provide your customers altogether. Here are some useful tips for preparing or improving growth strategies for your business.

In order to grow your business successfully, you have to develop a plan. Just like the business model you came up with when you started your business, you have to develop a similar model in order to expand. Figure out exactly where you stand in terms of products and services, customer base, and capital so that you can determine whether or not it’s the right time to pursue growth. Even if you’re unsure about expansion, developing a plan will help you know when it’s financially feasible.

Think about diversifying your services to the customer. One way to expand without having to invest in a new location is to simply create more products to provide your customer base. Think about what you provide to people currently, and how those current services can be elevated in the eyes of your clientele. What do your products need to be even better than they are now? The answer to that question could be your solution for growth.

Lastly, develop a more in depth marketing strategy. In order to be successful throughout an expansion process, you have to make sure your customers know exactly what’s going on with your company, and how they will be benefited through its growth and change. Don’t leave your customers in the dark regarding the news of your business; keep people informed an invest in more marketing.

Bilal Basrai understands that work that goes into company expansion, and he assists many clients throughout their growth processes.