Monday, 21 December 2015

Bilal Basrai - Success in Investment Banking

Bilal Basrai achieved great success in investment banking during his 10-year career in NYC on Wall Street. He worked for some of the largest investment banks in the world during this time, including Lehman Brothers, UBS Financial, and Salomon Smith Barney. 

Basrai worked tirelessly as an analyst and earned high ranks and ratings from Wall Street publications. Basrai says he owes his success later in his career to his entry-level work in equity research and investment banking.

Early in his career, Bilal Basrai worked at Lehman Brothers as an intern. He traveled to Hong Kong, where he researched, wrote, and published the Asian Telecommunications Services investment rating report for the equity research department. 

This was the beginning of his career in corporate finance. Throughout his career after interning for Lehman Brothers, Basrai has helped corporate entities achieve both their near-term and long-term goals.