Monday, 18 January 2016

Bilal Basrai - Private Equity Specialist

Bilal Basrai is an investment banker based in Chicago. Basrai worked for several investment banks during his 10-year career in NYC on Wall Street. During that time, he found great success transacting private equity deals in the healthcare industry. He became an expert in the P/E industry and soon became well-recognized for his skill navigating investments in healthcare companies.

Bilal Basrai transacts private equity deals for some of his clients to help them grow their business or monetize their hard work by selling their company to private equity funds. 

Private equity firms are primarily concerned with starting and closing transactions for their clients and providing oversight for their investment portfolio. Bilal Basrai has developed clients and transactions originating from mergers and acquisitions, intermediaries, and investment banks over his long career.

Bilal Basrai understands that private equity is a process that must be managed carefully. This is why he works closely with his corporate clients every step of the way during a transaction.