Saturday, 3 September 2016

Bilal Basrai - Three Important Economic Healthcare Facts

Bilal Basrai is a financial professional. Before his current position, he served as an equity research analyst, and was top ranked for the majority of the healthcare stocks he covered. He was ranked as the seventh best stock picker in the healthcare services and provider’s industry.
Here are three important economic healthcare facts for professionals in the field.
An important fact to keep in mind is that the higher the cost of healthcare in general, the less money people have to spend in the economy. When the price of healthcare increases, people simply don’t have the money to spend on luxury items or items of comfort. This is especially true for families who have children in need of major healthcare services. In some cases, it makes it difficult to even afford the most basic items necessary to live. This has an impact on the economy as a whole because other industries suffer as a result.......... read more