Monday, 9 May 2016

Bilal Basrai - Qualities Of A Good Tennis Coach

Bilal Basrai enjoyed playing tennis in high school and was very successful at it. He even went to the State Championships a few times. He decided to make some extra money doing what he loved during high school and college and taught tennis lessons. A tennis coach needs certain qualities to inspire his students. These are just a few of those qualities.


Not all of your students will give tennis their all or will be good at first. It can take some of them a long time to catch on and it can be easy to get frustrated with them. A good coach will be patient and considerate when coaching.


If the coach is confident, the students will be too. A coach should have a level of confidence that helps put the students at ease and helps them to trust him. This confidence will rub off on the students.


People want to choose a coach who is experienced with the sport and who has played it for a long time. You want to make sure you have the experience needed to teach students at all levels and ages.
Bilal Basrai is proud to have been able to coach many people at tennis. Bilal Basrai still likes to play whenever he has spare time and is always happy to offer advice to those in need.